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  • How to wear
    Firstly, with confidence! If it’s a fascinator, wear forward on the head just above the eyebrow with a slight tilt. If it’s a hat, wear around the largest part of the head and above the eyebrows. Hats are traditionally worn on the right, but I can make them to your choice if preferred. Labels are placed at the back of a hat so this will indicate the back. To put on a Fascinator with elastic I find it easiest to place hair in a ponytail, then, place one hand on the front of hat and one in the elastic, pull elastic behind the ears, around hair and underneath ponytail. Then place hat on the front of your head just above the eyebrow. You can then pull hair out and cover elastic with the hair style of your choice.
  • How to store
    Always store in a hat box with acid free tissue paper. Always handle with care by the brim, this is the strongest part of a hat, although still fragile. Never pick up by the trimmings. Always place down on the brim or the underneath of the hat, never upside down on the crown and trimmings as it can misshape and damage the hat.
  • Hat Sizing
    My hats are steamed and moulded into shape so should sit comfortably all day so you won't notice that your wearing it. Hats and facinators are fitted with elastic or headbands. Fedoras and Trilbys are made to the average ladies head size of 57 1/2cm. You can have alternative sizes and different colour elastics to match your hair.
  • Appointments
    Your appointment can last from 30-60 minutes. You should bring along any outfits, shoes or accessories that you'd like to match. Sometimes I may ask if you can leave anything so I can get the perfect colour match. I can also arrange an appointment over the phone if you can't make it to me. I'd normally say it's then best to send your oufit/accessories or any scrap fabric to me so I can colour match.
  • Refunds
    Please note that due to the personal nature of my hats, i.e that they are a custom made item, I cannot offer refunds or returns. On the rare occasion the customer is dissatisfied I will work with them to make amendments until they are happy.
  • What if it's raining?
    Don’t get your hat wet, hats are steamed and shaped over a block so the rain will misshape them. Keep your Umbrella handy. If your hat gets misshaped, then if possible, I can reshape for you.
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